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15 Dec , 2015   -  2,069 play(s) -   Disney Games

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Welcome to another war with Kid vs Kat Games – Feline Frenzy! Let’s visit and prove your shooting capacity! You will have more exciting challenges. The cat has stolen the comic. You must chase him and get it back. The time is counting down, so be quick! Move carefully and skillfully to avoid the falling chests, stones, and other obstacles. The ladders will help you reach easily. Although it returns your book, it still keeps more of your favorite items and even Dennis. Try to collect all and complete Disney Kid vs Kat Games – Feline Frenzy in the shortest time!


Use the arrow keys to move and jump in Kid vs Kat Games – Feline Frenzy game. Press Spacebar to shoot the water balloons when you have the gun.

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